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A Company with a human heart

Lyon's Linea Cucine is a reality among the most significant in the industrial sector. Strongly linked and rooted in the territory of origin, Monfumo (TV), from which it inherits the patrimony of craftsmanship. The Company-Veneto, founded in 1980, began his industrial project that will lead to 18.000 square meters of production area, to make several models of modern and classic kitchens.

With the constant aim of improving the quality while maintaining a very competitive final price, Lyon's  Linea Cucine has always focused its technological research toward better by mixing the industrialization potential of a serial production in the warm and wise craft work. It is placed so a constant attention to the trends and changes in the market that are regularly interpreted successfully by our models. From always Lyon's Linea Cucine collaborates with important and recognized partners, synonymous of  reliability and synonymous of guarantee and reliability, leading companies to the kitchen appliances but also for the hardware and the hardware.

The quality is beyond great attention to materials and finishes. For Lyon's Linea Cucine also the result of extensive research into the design, technology and expansion of the model range, with constant productive investments in environmental protection. All backed by tradition and passion that, for over 30 years, is reflected in every proposal made by the men of Lyon's Linea Cucine.


Our mission is producing kitchen furniture which is the result of work carried out with commitment, dedication and attention to the detail. Relying on functionality, safety, ergonomics, high quality materials and cutting edge design.
Thanks to the  wide selection of styles, colors, finishes and configurations, with Lyon's Linea Cucine you are sure to find your kitchen for life.